Burning ring of fire – The Volcano Bowl

Technically, this bowl is an example of everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  But the result is breathtaking.  It’s like a volcano – dark and slightly crusty with bits of smoldering orange and red showing through on the outside,  but look into the firey heart and you see an amazing swirl of reds, oranges, yellows, greens,black, white and the extra shimmer of mica pieces I fired into the enamel.  I fired it upside down to get the multitude of layers on the inside to slide and swirl.  I had to fire it on mica to keep the resulting flow of enamel from sticking to the firing grid.  This left me with a very thick lip of enamel around the inside rim of the bowl.  Not only is this beautiful in itself, but it also lets you see just how thick the enamel actually is.  It’s certainly not what I planned on when I started making it, but I am oh so happy with the results!


One response to “Burning ring of fire – The Volcano Bowl

  1. Gorgeous! Definitely a one of a kind piece!

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