Here’s looking at you kid.

How would you like to see a giant picture of yourself staring down at you from the side of a derelict building?  It may sound a little creepy, but it actually looks amazing.  A French street artist called JR has a project where you send him a portrait of yourself and he blows it up to billboard size and sends it back to you.  The hard part is then you have to find a place to put it!  The idea is to find an ugly old wall or some other suitably large and public place to put the poster up.  He digitally alters the photo so it’s not just a cheesy family photo but a beautiful work of art. 

It’s part of a global art project and you can find out the details on his site –

You can see examples of some posters and his work here –

And you can read a wee bit more about it in this Star article ––this-artist-wants-you-to-cover-toronto-with-your-face


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