Ontario Craft Show List

In my constant search for craft shows I came across this list from the Ontario Crafts Council.  Unfortunately it doesn’t list small Toronto craft shows, but for those looking for bigger venues or for shows outside of Toronto it is definitely a worthwhile resource.

I’m always surprised that other, smaller cities seem to have a larger variety of shows than Toronto does.  And there are so many places in Toronto that would be perfect for craft markets on a regular basis.  Kensington Market, Dufferin Grove park, Parkdale beside the library to name a few.  There is currently a farmer’s market at Dufferin Grove, it would be nice if it expanded to include handmade local crafts.  Not only would this provide revenue for the crafters themselves but it would also attract tourists who spend money in restaurants and retail stores.  Not that I want my neighbourhood to be overrun with tour buses, but a little extra activity would be nice.

Anyhow, enough of my ranting for today, here’s the craft show link:


And here’s the Ontario Craft Council’s website:



2 responses to “Ontario Craft Show List

  1. If you are looking for craft shows check out http://www.100milefinds.com, there are Vendor Calls on the Shows & Sales page, under the calendar and some links to other sites that have good vendor call sections!
    Happy Craft showing!

    Saturday November 5th, 2011
    International Centre – Hall 1
    6900 Airport Road
    Mississauga, Ontario CANADA

    Vendor applications are now being accepted for the Made by Hand Show. This is a juried event that is restricted to handmade vendors only. For more information please visit http://www.madebyhandshow.com

    Show Management

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