Enamel art panels

I love making enamel jewellery.  But it’s exciting to branch into something new.  I have been making a few enamel bowls in the last 6 months and now I’ve started on art panels.  Doing an art panel gives me more room to work and it allows me to make pieces that may not translate well as jewellery.  It also moves my work into the realm of “fine art”.  I’ve always hated that term, since as far as I’m concerned everything I do is fine art, and why using canvas instead of metal makes something more worthwhile I’ll never know!

I’m  limited on the size of panel I can do because of the size of my kiln.  Currently I am working with 4×6 and 4×5 pieces of copper.  If I want to do larger pieces I will have to make them separately and put them together, somewhat like a mosaic.

The subjects of my new panels range from a bucolic field of flowers to an anguished wind blown tree to an abstract face (which I have been drawing in some form since the age of twelve) to a row of rusty nails.  They are all framed in solid wood frames.  I love them and I’m hoping that others will appreciate them as much as I do.



One response to “Enamel art panels

  1. This is just beautiful, I love the colours used and the pattern in the sky behind the flowers! Several together would look great in a mosaic arrangement.

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