I’m a west end girl so it’s a big step for me to move east.  But I finally did it this week when I took my work to Distill Gallery.

Distill is appropriately named because it is in the gorgeous Distillery District.  This was once the Gooderham and Worts Distillery site and is one of the largest and best preserved collections of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America.  It was restored in 2003 into a pedestrian only village dedicated to arts, culture and entertainment.   It’s a beautiful place just to walk around but there are also amazing stores, galleries, restaurants and cafes.  I also frequently go there to see plays at Soulpepper Theatre.

Distill Gallery has been in existence since the initial renovations of the District in 2003.  It’s a stunning little gallery with the work of over 100 Canadian artists/craftspeople/designers.  There’s some mighty impressive talent here and I feel honoured to be included among them.

Here is the website for Distill Gallery:


And the website for the Distillery District:



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