Oh how I love making bowls!  Working with a bigger surface that shows off the amazing colours of enamel is so rewarding.  I wish I could make bigger bowls but the maximum size my kiln will hold is about 7 inches across.  Of course the little ones are just so adorable that I love them too – it’s hard to pick favourites.

I use a copper form for the bowl and enamel on top of it, so you get a much sturdier piece than a fully glass bowl.  I prefer abstracts but the ability to add numerous layers of different colours also allows for more versatility of design than is possible in glass or ceramics.  Some of my bowls are more than 20 layers of enamel, and each layer is fired separately.  I use a combination of opaque and transparent colours, blending in a technique similar to watercolour painting – but at 1500 degrees!

I also use only lead free enamels, so they are food safe, but who would want to cover up those beautiful colours with peanuts!

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