New stuff!

I always like trying something new. Every piece I make is a chance to try a new experiment, whether it’s a new colour combination, a new firing time or new designs. I could never be one of those people who makes the exact same thing over and over.

My latest new stuff includes rings and cuff-links. I love the rings I make now but sizing is always an issue. People can get quite frantic because they want one of my rings but can’t find one that fits! So after a very, very long search I’ve found some adjustable silver-plated ring bases to set my enamel pieces into. I like big chunky rings and I wanted ones that had a quality feel to them. The ones I’ve chosen are a 25 x 18mm oval, which is big enough to make an impression but not so big it totally overpowers your finger. And the band is wide and has a hammered finish, which I love! I make the enamel “cabochons” so that they are inverted, either flat or concave depending on how many layers of enamel I use. This makes them even more unique than a regular stone-set ring. I am very pleased with the result!

I decided to make cuff-links because I feel bad seeing the forlorn faces of men at craft shows who love the colours and designs I make but can never find anything for themselves. They deserve something special too! So once again, after much searching and a few trial runs that didn’t quite work out I have found bases that are perfect for my little enamel pieces.

Right now I have a small but stunning selection of the new rings and cuff-links which I will have available only at craft shows or by contacting me directly. And I am only at three craft shows this holiday season, so get your boots on and come visit me at one of them! This Wednesday, November 30th I’ll be at the CBC Charity Craft Sale at the CBC building atrium, 250 Front St. West. 8:30am to 5:30pm. Saturday December 3rd I will be at the Parkdale Bazaar, in the Masaryk Cowan community centre at Queen St. West and Cowan, 11am to 5pm. And Sunday December 11th I will be at the super cool Frostbite: Bazaar of the Bizarre at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. West, noon to 8pm



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