Buenos Aires Street Art

I love street art.  I’m not big on tagging or general graffiti, but I love seeing people do weird and wonderful things to change the ugly, gray monotony of the urban landscape.  This past summer I lived in Buenos Aires for a month and there is an amazing array of street art there.  It’s not illegal or looked down on, as long as they don’t paint on people’s homes or businesses without permission.  So it gives artists a chance to spend time on a project and accomplish some mind-blowing work.  It’s actually quite a community, and most street artists have some knowledge of each others work and the meaning behind it.  They also accept the fact that their work isn’t permanent and there is a good chance someone will come along to paint over what they may have spent hours or even days to create.  The “exhibition” is always changing.

Here’s a little taste of what I saw.  There are hundreds more examples, it’s all over the city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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