New year, new blog post!

I am not cut out to be a blogger.  I am so bad at putting up new posts.  I did a lot of travelling in 2015, most notably a two month trip through France, Spain, Morocco and Portugal.  I promise to (someday) do a proper post but for now here’s some photos from my recent trip.  This is Essaouira, which is on the coast of Morocco.  It was one of my favourite places, I stayed in a hotel right on the beach but only a 3 minute walk from the Medina.  It had a working port with lots of fishing boats (and fish!), a fortress, an amazing Medina with so many shops, a great town square and of course that beach!  Oh, and apparently it is also one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones.

europe 2015 1395 europe 2015 1372 europe 2015 1426 europe 2015 1428 europe 2015 1380 europe 2015 1410 europe 2015 1412




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