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A very talented Swedish artist.

The internet can be amazing.  I recently started using Instagram, which I love  because photos are definitely my thing.  I love seeing what people make all over the world.  Shortly after starting to use Instagram one particular poster caught my eye, both because they had the same name as me – Yvonne – and because their work was photos using rich, beautiful colours.  One day their post was particularly striking, a gorgeous bright blue contrasting with an equally gorgeous bright orange.  Although I love both of those colours I rarely use them together.  However the photo appealed to me so much I decided to use those colours in a pendant.

I mentioned to Yvonne on Instagram that her photo inspired my pendant and she was so pleased she wrote about it.  Then, when she found out that she was having an exhibition she decided that she would like to have the pendant to hang beside the photo.  So now my pendant is in Sweden and will be displayed next to Yvonne Kundig’s gorgeous work.  As well as photos she does beautiful paintings of flowers.  If you’re in Sweden stop by 😉

Here is her Instagram:

And her Facebook page:

And the location of the exhibition (which starts on August 22nd):

And my Instagram:

Her photo:
Yvonne Kundig


My pendant:Orange and Blue



How I make stuff.

Many people don’t realize quite how many steps are involved in making my enamel pieces.

First I take plain copper and heat it in my kiln.  This cleans all the grease off it.

Here’s the before shot.



Here’s the copper in the kiln.



Here’s the copper after heating.  It’s a bit dirty looking, that’s oxidation and needs to be cleaned off.  When I clean metal I use salt and vinegar rather than chemicals.


If I’m making domed pieces this is the time to form them.  The heat of the kiln makes the metal softer and easier to bend.  I used a dapping block, dapping punches and rawhide hammer to shape them into curved domes.  After doming they need to be cleaned again.



Then I fire a layer of enamel onto the bottom/back of the copper.  These will be bezel set so the backs are plain.  If I’m doing regular pieces I always make sure both sides are attractive.



My kiln is nice and hot.  This shows the temperature at 1433 Fahrenheit but I often fire at higher temperatures than that.



After firing the backs I sift enamel, which is very finely ground glass,  onto the top/front.



This is after one firing.



This is after several firings.  You can see how much smoother and brighter the colours are.  These are ready to be set, they just need a bit of filing at the edges where the enamel stuck to the trivets (the metal stands I use for firing).



The little domes are now earrings!




And the big domes are necklaces!  Pretty!






Fire and Fusion

There are a tonne of events happening in Toronto in May for TIJF – the Toronto International Jewellery Festival – and for the big SNAG – Society of North American Goldsmiths – conference.  But the one I’m most excited about is Fire and Fusion: a TIJF Enamelling Exhibition!

I’m super excited because my Tide Pool enamel bowl has been accepted for the exhibition, whoo hoo!  And I’m also excited because I will get to see the work of 30 other enamel artists from across Canada.  Enamelling isn’t an incredibly common skill, so sometimes it feels a little lonely in front of that kiln, and it will be wonderful to see what other people create with enamel.  The best thing for me about enamel is that it is so versatile, you can do a different technique every day and never run out of ideas.  So I’m sure there will be a lot of variety in the art that is presented.

The exhibition will be on from May 1st to 30th at the Rainbow Gallery, 80 Front St. East in Toronto.  The opening reception is May 1st from 12:30 to 2pm.

Here is a video of the artists involved.  If you know anything about enamelling you will realize the crazy amount of work that went into some of these pieces!

Here is the Facebook link for the Fire and Fusion exhibition –

And the website –

And the TIJF website –

And the SNAG website –

And of course, here is my bowl 🙂  I hope you make it to the exhibition to see it in person!!!

Tide Pool Bowl


My lovely little enamel art panels will be getting a little exposure this holiday season.  They’re part of an art exhibition at Elephant Shoes, a store/gallery that also carries my enamel jewellery.  All of the everyday items (including my jewellery) will be put away so that owner Cheryl Lim can turn the space into an art gallery.

It’s a group exhibition and will feature the work of Madelaine Lyons Cooper,
Laura Stitzel, Dara Gold, Doris Purchase, Michael Mackid, Amanda Lee,
Xenia Vakova and of course, me!

The exhibition goes up on December 1st and continues until December 9th.  The official reception will be on December 7th from 7pm to 10pm and all are welcome!  You can visit the exhibition during regular store hours which are listed on the Elephant Shoes website –  It’s located at 1342 Bloor Street West, Toronto, which is just west of the Lansdowne subway station.

Here’s one of my art panels that will be featured in the show.

Women’s Day Art Exhibition at Wise Daughters

Wise Daughters will be kicking off International Women’s Week on March 2nd with the opening of a group art show featuring some incredibly talented women artists.  Of course one of them just happens to be me 😉

It’s an eclectic bunch, including participants in the  expressive arts group at Sheena’s Place who will be showing their work as a collective.  There will also be four other individual artists, each working in a different medium and style.

My enamel art panels will be making their official public debut.

Sara MacHin does lovely work combining glowing colours with patterns and textures.

Patricia Phelan does stunning textile work that combines beautiful, intricate images with natural materials such as wood and bark.  She believes that handwork connects us to nature and to one another.  You can see her work at

Meredith Viner uses graphic images to challenge people’s assumptions about art and about the world in general.  Her website is and her Facebook page is

The opening party will be on Friday March 2nd from 6pm to 8pm.  The show will  be up until the end of April.  But if you come to the opening you get to meet all of us!

Here’s the Facebook invite.  Feel free to invite yourself and others!

You can find Wise Daughters at 3079B Dundas Street West. 

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New stuff!

I always like trying something new. Every piece I make is a chance to try a new experiment, whether it’s a new colour combination, a new firing time or new designs. I could never be one of those people who makes the exact same thing over and over.

My latest new stuff includes rings and cuff-links. I love the rings I make now but sizing is always an issue. People can get quite frantic because they want one of my rings but can’t find one that fits! So after a very, very long search I’ve found some adjustable silver-plated ring bases to set my enamel pieces into. I like big chunky rings and I wanted ones that had a quality feel to them. The ones I’ve chosen are a 25 x 18mm oval, which is big enough to make an impression but not so big it totally overpowers your finger. And the band is wide and has a hammered finish, which I love! I make the enamel “cabochons” so that they are inverted, either flat or concave depending on how many layers of enamel I use. This makes them even more unique than a regular stone-set ring. I am very pleased with the result!

I decided to make cuff-links because I feel bad seeing the forlorn faces of men at craft shows who love the colours and designs I make but can never find anything for themselves. They deserve something special too! So once again, after much searching and a few trial runs that didn’t quite work out I have found bases that are perfect for my little enamel pieces.

Right now I have a small but stunning selection of the new rings and cuff-links which I will have available only at craft shows or by contacting me directly. And I am only at three craft shows this holiday season, so get your boots on and come visit me at one of them! This Wednesday, November 30th I’ll be at the CBC Charity Craft Sale at the CBC building atrium, 250 Front St. West. 8:30am to 5:30pm. Saturday December 3rd I will be at the Parkdale Bazaar, in the Masaryk Cowan community centre at Queen St. West and Cowan, 11am to 5pm. And Sunday December 11th I will be at the super cool Frostbite: Bazaar of the Bizarre at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. West, noon to 8pm


Ontario Craft Show List

In my constant search for craft shows I came across this list from the Ontario Crafts Council.  Unfortunately it doesn’t list small Toronto craft shows, but for those looking for bigger venues or for shows outside of Toronto it is definitely a worthwhile resource.

I’m always surprised that other, smaller cities seem to have a larger variety of shows than Toronto does.  And there are so many places in Toronto that would be perfect for craft markets on a regular basis.  Kensington Market, Dufferin Grove park, Parkdale beside the library to name a few.  There is currently a farmer’s market at Dufferin Grove, it would be nice if it expanded to include handmade local crafts.  Not only would this provide revenue for the crafters themselves but it would also attract tourists who spend money in restaurants and retail stores.  Not that I want my neighbourhood to be overrun with tour buses, but a little extra activity would be nice.

Anyhow, enough of my ranting for today, here’s the craft show link:

And here’s the Ontario Craft Council’s website:

A little bit about me…

Just a quick post before I head to the Spring Trunk Show at 18 Karat today.  There’s a little e-magazine article about me that’s just come out in FutuReale magazine.  It’s a bit awkward to access, you have to click on the magazine link to expand it, then look for page 12-13 (or just look for my brightly coloured pictures at the bottom of the page) then click again to expand so you can read it. 

So if you’ve made all that effort to get to it I hope you enjoy the read,lol. 
I’ve also added a pic of some of my new spring pieces, I hope you can make it to a show to see them in person!