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A very talented Swedish artist.

The internet can be amazing.  I recently started using Instagram, which I love  because photos are definitely my thing.  I love seeing what people make all over the world.  Shortly after starting to use Instagram one particular poster caught my eye, both because they had the same name as me – Yvonne – and because their work was photos using rich, beautiful colours.  One day their post was particularly striking, a gorgeous bright blue contrasting with an equally gorgeous bright orange.  Although I love both of those colours I rarely use them together.  However the photo appealed to me so much I decided to use those colours in a pendant.

I mentioned to Yvonne on Instagram that her photo inspired my pendant and she was so pleased she wrote about it.  Then, when she found out that she was having an exhibition she decided that she would like to have the pendant to hang beside the photo.  So now my pendant is in Sweden and will be displayed next to Yvonne Kundig’s gorgeous work.  As well as photos she does beautiful paintings of flowers.  If you’re in Sweden stop by 😉

Here is her Instagram:

And her Facebook page:

And the location of the exhibition (which starts on August 22nd):

And my Instagram:

Her photo:
Yvonne Kundig


My pendant:Orange and Blue



1000 Beads

It’s so funny, this is one of the most exciting things to happen for me business wise this year and I forgot to post about it!  I found out on October 31st that one of my big enamel focal beads was chosen to be in Lark Crafts new book “1000 Beads”!

The Lark Crafts books are absolutely gorgeous.  Each page is a full shot of some stunning work, whether rings, glass, enamel, ceramics, etc.  They have quite an extensive series.  I’ve always admired them so when I saw their call for entry I thought I would give it a shot.

The piece that was chosen is called “Lava Flow”.  It’s a very large focal bead I made using plumber’s pipe and a LOT of layers of enamel.  I think this bead went through about 50 firings before I was happy with it.  Because I fire each layer flat it’s hard to realize that each of those firings was an additional layer of enamel, with a  total of about 10 or 12 colours (maybe more, I lost count!).  It also takes a careful burn firing to make the colours blend this way.  And because there is so much enamel I had to keep flipping it each time I fired so the enamel wouldn’t all slump to one end.  So a lot of work for one bead 😉

I’m really looking forward to April when the book comes out and I can see my piece and all the other  wonderful creations by artists from around the world!

Here is my lovely Lava Flow 🙂

larkfinal lavaflow


Of all the things I make I must admit my enamel bowls are my favourite.  So I’m very, very excited to be making a special collection of art bowls for my very first solo exhibition.  It will be held at Freedom Clothing Collective from June 7th to July 3rd.

My work has always had a certain elemental quality in the swirl of  multiple layers of enamel and in these pieces I’ve taken it to the extreme in a “big bang” of colour.   I love the random beauty of nature and these bowls are my romanticized view of the far flung objects in the night sky.  Each piece represents a celestial body but on a much smaller and more imaginative scale.

The opening reception is Friday June 7th at Freedom Clothing Collective, 939 Bloor Street West, Toronto from 6pm to 8pm.

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the pieces that will be in the exhibition.

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Fire and Fusion

There are a tonne of events happening in Toronto in May for TIJF – the Toronto International Jewellery Festival – and for the big SNAG – Society of North American Goldsmiths – conference.  But the one I’m most excited about is Fire and Fusion: a TIJF Enamelling Exhibition!

I’m super excited because my Tide Pool enamel bowl has been accepted for the exhibition, whoo hoo!  And I’m also excited because I will get to see the work of 30 other enamel artists from across Canada.  Enamelling isn’t an incredibly common skill, so sometimes it feels a little lonely in front of that kiln, and it will be wonderful to see what other people create with enamel.  The best thing for me about enamel is that it is so versatile, you can do a different technique every day and never run out of ideas.  So I’m sure there will be a lot of variety in the art that is presented.

The exhibition will be on from May 1st to 30th at the Rainbow Gallery, 80 Front St. East in Toronto.  The opening reception is May 1st from 12:30 to 2pm.

Here is a video of the artists involved.  If you know anything about enamelling you will realize the crazy amount of work that went into some of these pieces!

Here is the Facebook link for the Fire and Fusion exhibition –

And the website –

And the TIJF website –

And the SNAG website –

And of course, here is my bowl 🙂  I hope you make it to the exhibition to see it in person!!!

Tide Pool Bowl


My lovely little enamel art panels will be getting a little exposure this holiday season.  They’re part of an art exhibition at Elephant Shoes, a store/gallery that also carries my enamel jewellery.  All of the everyday items (including my jewellery) will be put away so that owner Cheryl Lim can turn the space into an art gallery.

It’s a group exhibition and will feature the work of Madelaine Lyons Cooper,
Laura Stitzel, Dara Gold, Doris Purchase, Michael Mackid, Amanda Lee,
Xenia Vakova and of course, me!

The exhibition goes up on December 1st and continues until December 9th.  The official reception will be on December 7th from 7pm to 10pm and all are welcome!  You can visit the exhibition during regular store hours which are listed on the Elephant Shoes website –  It’s located at 1342 Bloor Street West, Toronto, which is just west of the Lansdowne subway station.

Here’s one of my art panels that will be featured in the show.

Azorean Street Art

Wow, it’s been over two months since my last blog post.  I know I’m not a super-blogger but I guess that’s pushing it a bit.  Since my last post about Buenos Aires street art was so popular I thought I’d share some street art from the Azores, which is where I journeyed to in March.

The Archipelago of the Azores is a chain of islands in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal.  The island in the Azores I was on is called Sao Miguel.  There isn’t an abundance of street art there, it’s a small island and it’s so darn gorgeous that between the beautiful landscape and the pretty buildings there aren’t a lot of surfaces screaming out for someone to paint on them.  However I did manage to find some very impressive pieces.  When I wasn’t searching for street art I was hiking around volcanoes, swimming in hot springs and eating food cooked underground by volcanic heat.

Here’s a few of the pieces of street art I saw.  I think my favourite is the weird fishing scene, it’s so big I had to take four pictures to fit it all in.

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Buenos Aires Street Art

I love street art.  I’m not big on tagging or general graffiti, but I love seeing people do weird and wonderful things to change the ugly, gray monotony of the urban landscape.  This past summer I lived in Buenos Aires for a month and there is an amazing array of street art there.  It’s not illegal or looked down on, as long as they don’t paint on people’s homes or businesses without permission.  So it gives artists a chance to spend time on a project and accomplish some mind-blowing work.  It’s actually quite a community, and most street artists have some knowledge of each others work and the meaning behind it.  They also accept the fact that their work isn’t permanent and there is a good chance someone will come along to paint over what they may have spent hours or even days to create.  The “exhibition” is always changing.

Here’s a little taste of what I saw.  There are hundreds more examples, it’s all over the city.

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Women’s Day Art Exhibition at Wise Daughters

Wise Daughters will be kicking off International Women’s Week on March 2nd with the opening of a group art show featuring some incredibly talented women artists.  Of course one of them just happens to be me 😉

It’s an eclectic bunch, including participants in the  expressive arts group at Sheena’s Place who will be showing their work as a collective.  There will also be four other individual artists, each working in a different medium and style.

My enamel art panels will be making their official public debut.

Sara MacHin does lovely work combining glowing colours with patterns and textures.

Patricia Phelan does stunning textile work that combines beautiful, intricate images with natural materials such as wood and bark.  She believes that handwork connects us to nature and to one another.  You can see her work at

Meredith Viner uses graphic images to challenge people’s assumptions about art and about the world in general.  Her website is and her Facebook page is

The opening party will be on Friday March 2nd from 6pm to 8pm.  The show will  be up until the end of April.  But if you come to the opening you get to meet all of us!

Here’s the Facebook invite.  Feel free to invite yourself and others!

You can find Wise Daughters at 3079B Dundas Street West. 

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Kingston Lapidary and Mineral Club

When I was in public school my grade 8 class was the first one to allow girls to take Shop.  Before that girls were limited to Home Economics, where I did a terrible job of making a handkerchief top.  I loved Shop. I don’t remember all the projects but what I do remember is making my first piece of jewellery.  I got to cut, shape and polish a small piece of sodalite that looked like lapis lazuli.  And then I got to set it in a brass pendant to make my own necklace.  It was a life changing moment.

Fast forward many years.  I had experimented with a lot of jewellery making, mostly beading and a bit of polymer clay.  Nothing that truly moved me.  I was temporarily back in Kingston and noticed a tiny little ad in the back of the local paper advertising a silversmithing course.  The Kingston Lapidary and Mineral Club was founded in 1962 and not only were they still going strong but they were now offering classes in lapidary – cutting, shaping and polishing rocks – and how to use those gorgeous rocks in jewellery.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I took the silversmithing class.  My very talented (and patient) instructors were Arne, Bob and Eileen.  I learned an amazing amount there, including making my first band ring and my first bracelet that had about 30 solder joins (for those who don’t know, that’s a lot!).

I also later returned to be a teacher at the club.  I taught one of the first wax carving for casting and cuttlebone casting classes.  When I left the incredibly talented people who were in my class took over and became instructors themselves.  I’m pleased (and a little jealous, lol) to see that they offer a wide array of classes now.  Silversmithing, wire work, casting, repousse, resin, and more!  They have a fantastic shop with amazing equipment and after you take a class you can rent shop time for a ridiculously low price per hour.

So if you live in or near Kingston and you’re interested in jewellery making (or geology) check out the club.  They’ve just announced a whole list of new classes on their facebook page, so it’s a good time to do so.

Here’s the facebook page with the course announcements:

And here’s their website:



Wow, I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted anything since November.  So 2012 is here, supposedly the year of the apocalypse according to some mighty old Mayan calendars.  Maybe they just got tired of making calendars and thought that 2000 years worth was enough?   I don’t even look at next year’s calendar, so those folks were really long range planners!

I do have some plans for the year ahead.  The enameling business has been gradually growing.  I’ve got lots of work to do this year, with lots of new things planned.  I will be researching new stores to carry my work, especially outside of Toronto (this is a hint to anyone who might be interested).  As always I’m creating new designs and new products.  I’d also like to get my bowls and/or art panels into a gallery show.  Some of my art panels will be in an exhibition in March, I’ll post on that when more details are available.  And of course, I’m still teaching enameling classes here in Toronto.

I realize this is an incredibly boring post so I’ll put up some pretty pictures of my  newest bowls 🙂

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