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A very talented Swedish artist.

The internet can be amazing.  I recently started using Instagram, which I love  because photos are definitely my thing.  I love seeing what people make all over the world.  Shortly after starting to use Instagram one particular poster caught my eye, both because they had the same name as me – Yvonne – and because their work was photos using rich, beautiful colours.  One day their post was particularly striking, a gorgeous bright blue contrasting with an equally gorgeous bright orange.  Although I love both of those colours I rarely use them together.  However the photo appealed to me so much I decided to use those colours in a pendant.

I mentioned to Yvonne on Instagram that her photo inspired my pendant and she was so pleased she wrote about it.  Then, when she found out that she was having an exhibition she decided that she would like to have the pendant to hang beside the photo.  So now my pendant is in Sweden and will be displayed next to Yvonne Kundig’s gorgeous work.  As well as photos she does beautiful paintings of flowers.  If you’re in Sweden stop by 😉

Here is her Instagram:

And her Facebook page:

And the location of the exhibition (which starts on August 22nd):

And my Instagram:

Her photo:
Yvonne Kundig


My pendant:Orange and Blue



Photo shoot

I finally had a little photo shoot with some of my pieces on a model.  My friend Amy was gracious enough to help me out by posing in several pieces from my various collections.  And I must say they certainly do look stunning on her!

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Burning ring of fire – The Volcano Bowl

Technically, this bowl is an example of everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  But the result is breathtaking.  It’s like a volcano – dark and slightly crusty with bits of smoldering orange and red showing through on the outside,  but look into the firey heart and you see an amazing swirl of reds, oranges, yellows, greens,black, white and the extra shimmer of mica pieces I fired into the enamel.  I fired it upside down to get the multitude of layers on the inside to slide and swirl.  I had to fire it on mica to keep the resulting flow of enamel from sticking to the firing grid.  This left me with a very thick lip of enamel around the inside rim of the bowl.  Not only is this beautiful in itself, but it also lets you see just how thick the enamel actually is.  It’s certainly not what I planned on when I started making it, but I am oh so happy with the results!