I am no longer currently teaching classes.  If that changes I will post it here! 

I teach enamelling. It’s an amazing craft.  It’s like combining painting, metal work, glass work and a wee bit of chemistry.  Even with a beginner class you can learn enough to make a different piece every day and never run out of ideas!  It’s a relatively simple process that can be elevated to incredibly complicated and intricate heights depending on your inclination.  But  even the simplest pieces are beautiful.

Enamelling is the craft of fusing very finely ground glass onto a copper or silver base at approximately 1500 degrees – that’s hot! Enamel can be used to create jewellery, decorative bowls, plates, or works of art. With the multitude of techniques and enamel colours available, the possibilities are endless!

In my one day workshops you will learn as much in 5 hours as many classes teach in a month or more. No experience is necessary to take the beginner class. By the end of class you will be comfortable enamelling on your own. This is an excellent option for those who live outside the downtown core, no commuting back and forth.

I will also instruct you on how to set up your own studio and where to buy supplies.

I use only lead-free enamels and I use vinegar and salt for cleaning metal instead of chemicals.

Email me at to register.

Beginner: 10am to 3pm. Learn all the basics of enamelling. Annealing, counter-enamel, inclusions, basic stenciling, layering, fusing enamel with glass beads, frit or millefiore. You will make 3 pendants.

Beginner:  $125.00 inclusive.
October 19, 2016 10am to 3pm – full

Advanced: 10am to 3pm. Learn cloisonné, silver foil techniques, painting with enamel, stamping and texturing copper, sgraffito, rolling mill techniques.  You will make 3 pendants.

Advanced: $125.00 inclusive.

Maximum 3 students per class.
Classes are held at my studio near College and Ossington in Toronto, Ontario

Classes must be paid in advance in full by e-transfer.
All sales are final, please ensure you are able to attend before you book a class.

If for any reason I cancel a class you will receive a full refund.

Email to register.

For more info and pictures of my work see my website –






8 responses to “Classes

  1. I took both the beginner and advanced classes a few months ago with Yvonne and she’s a wonderful teacher! She personalized the class so I was able to learn the techniques I was most interested in. I would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone who’s interested!

  2. Hi there,
    When and where are the classes held?

  3. Hi! Where are the classes held? I’m interested in enameling as well as metal clay.

  4. I took a class with Yvonne and she was amazing. After the class I had lots of follow up questions about supplies and trouble-shooting questions once I got my supplies (nothing ever goes as smoothly once you’re working alone for the first time), she was quick to respond with very detailed responses; I truly feel like she wants her students to be successful.

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